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How to Find a Lead With Only Their Name and Email Address

Posted by Brian Lim on Aug 4, 2020 5:00:00 AM

Your phone receives a notification while you’re driving home from your brokerage. *Beep* *Beep* it’s a lead alert! You start feeling excited as you press the notification. To your dismay, the lead you just generated only left their name and email address. This isn't new for you, in fact, it happens far too often. With shattered expectations, your excitement turns to an emotion best represented with the onomatopoeia, “meh.” There’s nothing you can do with just an email, right? Wrong! You couldn’t be further from the truth.


In this article, I will show you how to gather more information such as a full name, address, phone number, and more from a lead that only leaves their email address.

It can be frustrating when you capture a new lead, but they only leave their name and email address. Most agents assume it’s the end of the road once they send an email. Unfortunately, the lead stays cold and never converts into their client with this mentality. Since the road seems dark, let me shed some light on it and show you how to get more information from a lead that only leaves their name and email address. As a general rule of thumb, try to find at least 3 pieces of information that are consistent across the platforms that you research on.

1. Analyze their Email Address

In most cases, a lead will include their name in their email address. So, the first step is to analyze the email address to see if you can figure out their first name, middle name, and last name – their middle and last initial could work too. If you’re able to determine their first and last name, copy it into Facebook’s search to see which names come up. Are any of them close to you?

Below are some examples of an email address with a name it in:

2. Perform a Facebook Search

If you can’t figure out the lead’s name based on their email address, copy and paste it into Facebook’s search. Review the profiles that come up. Are any of them near you? If so, that person might be the lead you’re looking for.

Often, people use the same username for their email address and Facebook. You can paste that into Facebook’s search to see who comes up. Using the examples above, the username for JohnGDoe67@gmail.com is JohnGDoe67 – just to clarify.

PropertyPulse’s Social Profiles feature automatically looks up emails on major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. If a lead registers on your website with same one they registered on social media – PropertyPulse will locate it.

3. Conduct a Reverse Email Lookup

A reverse email lookup is like looking up someone’s phone number in the yellow pages but based on their email address instead of their name. Spytox.com is a great free tool that does this. Spytox allows you to look up people based on their name, phone number, and email address. When you search for an email address, Spytox looks all over the internet to find a match. It will share the name, age, gender, and affiliated addresses and phone numbers. Use this information to look up the lead on Facebook.

4. Contacting the Lead

Once you’ve collected at least 3 pieces of information about the lead like their name, phone number, and city, perform a search on Facebook using their phone number. Facebook requests for users to input their phone numbers so it’s possible the lead could come up with their phone number. If it doesn’t perform a Facebook search using their name. From the search results, look for the city of each person – is it consistent with the information you found on Spytox or is it near you? If it is and you’ve determined that this in fact your lead, call them! Leave a message if they don’t pick up and message them directly on Facebook! You can say something along the lines of:

  • “I noticed you registered on my website, [INSERT WEBSITE] and wanted to connect with you to see if you needed any information or had any questions.”

Working with only an email address can be frustrating when you don’t have a strategy for it. Luckily, now you do! Try gathering as much information as you can by dissecting the email address, leveraging Facebook’s and Google’s search, and by performing a reverse email lookup on Spytox.com. For cases like these, you will schedule more appointments and generate more clients by doing a little research to optimize your follow up processes. Try this strategy out! Odds are, you already have a lead in your sphere of influence that you can gather more information on.

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