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How to Save Time and Money Generating Real Estate Leads in 2020

Posted by Brian Lim on May 5, 2020 4:00:00 AM

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In this article, I will share strategies that save time and money while generating real estate leads in 2020:

  1. Generate Buyer Leads Through Search Engine Ads and Organic Lead Generation
  2. Attract and Connect with Local Leads through SEO City Report Landing Pages
  3. Connect, Nurture and Track Leads in To Convert Them into Clients

Ever get frustrated trying to reach and engage new buyers online? Well you’re not alone, many real estate professionals across the United States struggle to meet new leads and nurture them into clients. This probably isn’t a new challenge for you, since you’re always looking for new ways to get new leads – whether there’s a pandemic or not, right? Because more leads means more money and slow business means slow money. Slow money prevents you from growing and accomplishing your goals. You might think, “Maybe if I had more business, I could quit my dead-end-job and work as a full-time agent,” or finally take the step to start your own brokerage, buy that guy you’ve dreamed of since you were 10 years old. We can help you, here are some of solutions.

Solutions generally have trade-offs like spending more time and less money or more money and less time. If you have extra time but less money, you can work on generating leads through cold calling and door knocking or by optimizing your organic and social lead generation. In other words, do more work. Alternatively, if you have more money but less time, you can invest in an assistant, new tools or software, or test the waters of other lead generation sources. Ideally, you want a solution that can save you time, so you have more to spend training, meeting clients, or with your family, but also get a return on your investment.

Simple, yet innovative, TorchX’s new digital marketing system will provide you with a beautiful new IDX website that was developed, polished, and optimized by website experts to capture real estate leads that are relevant to you. Along with a sleek, user friendly, and intelligent CRM, you’ll have the tools to not only generate leads, but nurture and track them too. To ensure no ne of your leads fall through the cracks, the TorchX system will even alert you when your lead displays hot behaviors and is ready to connect with you. Here are some cool features of what TorchX’s software can do for you.

1. Generate Buyer Leads Through Search Engine Ads and Organic Lead Generation

If you’ve tried to create and launch a campaign through Google Ads (AdWords), then you know the ad creation process is confusing. To even understand what to do, you must take an online Google Ads course that can take upwards of 10 hours or more to complete. Then you must create, set up the account, add your credit card info, choose the right campaign, determine your audience, choose keywords, and create ad copy just to launch one campaign. Then you must track, adjust, and optimize them regularly, which can take hours or even days to complete. TorchX will reduce your time on these tasks to zero, because we’ll do it for you. Just let us know your top 5 cities for doing business, keywords, and exclusions. Based on your city, we’ll guarantee a monthly lead goal for you. We know trying a new lead generation source can be feel “risky”, so we want to reduce that risk by giving you a refund if that goal isn’t met.



2. Attract and Connect with Local Leads through SEO City Report Landing Pages

To increase your Google ranking, TorchX will include SEO City Report pages with your optimized lead capture website. These reports drive relevant, local, organic traffic to your website. They also provide value to your website visitors with snapshot of cities, counties, and neighborhoods – updated automatically. The city snapshots include information your prospects need like homes for sale, featured properties, market data, and school reports.


3. Connect, Nurture and Track Leads in To Convert Them into Clients

There are dozens, if not hundreds of real estate websites in your market, so how can yours stand out? In addition to the SEO City Reports mention earlier, your new website will also have advanced IDX home search tools that allow visitors to save listings and sign up for listing alerts. When they do, they’ll be added to your comprehensive TORCHx CRM, where they’ll receive automated drip campaigns and follow ups to help you keep in touch with them. Now with more ways to communicate, you can also connect through bulk texts and emails. Texts are powerful communication tools because your texts can’t go into a spam inbox!

Of course, all your leads’ interactions with your website and digital marketing tools will be tracked. Each home search, saved listing, opened email, sent text message, and more are saved and stored into the TORCHx system giving you the ammunition needed to connect and convert them – once the system alerts you of hot lead behavior.

When it comes to growing your real estate business, you can save time and money.  Invest in automation systems that do most of the work for you and find low risk paid lead channels that get you a ROI. With TORCHx’s digital marketing system, you’ll be confident knowing your funnel is being consistently filled with motivated buyer leads through automatically generated PPC ads. You’ll keep in touch with your leads by nurturing them with personalized automated emails and follow up messages. We’ll track all of your leads’ data and alert you once they display hot behaviors. Like an alloy-oop in basketball, we’ll pass off the lead to you so you for a slam dunk! Metaphorically, of course.

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